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Our Kitchen

Romagna is synonymous not only of warm beaches and hospitality of the family, but also of good food.
The Colorado Rimini every day, we try to present to you carefully prepared and tasty, paying particular attention to the choice of raw materials.


In our hotel every day you can choose whether to wake up pampered by our sweet or if you make the full of energy with our salt.
The breakfast buffet of Colorado is able to satisfy all tastes.
You can fill the plate with whatever you like and make bis many times as you wish.

The informal and welcoming atmosphere that will frame your breakfast and the kindness of our staff will make you turn up every day in a good mood.

Lunch and dinner

Lunch and dinner are served in our welcoming dining room: you can enjoy one of the 3 or 4 menu choice that on a daily basis, you will be offered. You will never be an alternative to fish and a appettitoso buffet of vegetables, cooked and raw, from which you can serve at will.
And to finish with sweetness, at the end of each meal, you can enjoy our juicy fruit , or cool off with a ice cream creamy.

We pay a lot of attention, even towards those who follow specific diets, or manifest food allergies and intolerances: on request preparaiamo custom menus.

Children at the table

The children at the table they bring so much joy and so much happiness, but for a parent it is not always easy to find something that meets the tastes of his child.

That's why, on request and for a small fee, we are equipped to prepare meals suited to the tastes and age of your children.

Part integrtante of a holiday is also good in the kitchen, and Colorado to Rimini, we want to be appreciated by the great as by the small.

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